Pay per Click Services

Decrease your cost of leads by 20% in no time.

Be it Calls, Leads, or Online Conversions and Sales via E-Commerce Shopping Ads, we promise you a profitable PPC Campaigns.


We evolve, learn and upgrade our PPC skills and consultants and as an agency to give you cutting edge PPC services. We stay on top of updates and industry changes in the digital advertising world so that you can save your valuable time and focus on your role as a business owner or leader. Leave PPC to us!

We will provide PPC Services support in the following ways (not limited to):

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no simple 1 liner to that, it would depend on your marketing budgets to begin with. We break it down in qualitative and quantitative measures for you:

  1. In a lumpsum- you should be spending on Google ads, anywhere starting from the salary you can afford for a sales person with 2-3 years of experience in your industry.
  2. Write down your achievable goals, no. of leads or sales you need in a month, and we will help you calculate the required budgets. Reach out to our Google Ads Consulting Expert to help you with this.

We often have potential clients telling us the same. To be having great results is a factor of driving intent driven traffic to your website, and then a lot of other web design, landing page design, technical specifications, marketing pitch and other CRO factors come into play. Is your landing page made in a way to deliver high conversions rate? Is your content allurinig enough to your traffic? What si the hook, benefit of working with you? And then goes upto the entire marketing and sales channel, lead nurturing and the promises your product or services make. 

However, this is for sure, chances that you would be losing money on PPC is very very high, if you choose not to work with us! We assure minimal ad spend wastages and proven strategies that drive revenues via PPC.

Agreed. But SEO gives results gradually ad PPC drives instant results. Both SEO and PPC are part of a broader digital marketing strategy known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). With SEO, you get organic visibility for your website on search engine results pages (SERP’s) and with PPC your website/ landing page get visibility by paying that PPC network to show results on their respective SERPs (eg: Google, Bing, )

We help you leverage SEO in a step wise plan, after we start gathering intelligence from PPC Ads or Google ads.

A Website? No. A well-optimised landing page works the best to get leads via PPC Campaigns. We could help you build a landing page that none of your competitors have ever seen . Or we could begin to set up your campaigns on your existing landing pages. Besides that we test the marketability of your services or products in the regions or countries of your choice. We will help you with the rest of the set ups and we are good to go!

When it comes to Leads from PPC Campaigns, quality is a factor of the right search terms. We tap the search terms in a manner to drive traffic with the right or close to right intent to your website. If a huge chunk of traffic (that we promsie to send) finds what they are looking for on your well-optimsed landing page , the chances are that clicks that convert to leads are meaningful and qualified already. However, you need to have a well-structured lead nurturing method to drive business from these leads.