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Design, development, and process of a WordPress website

The process of design, development, and programming of a web page or in WordPress must be fulfilled point by point so that the project on the Internet has the expected success.

We have talked many times about designing a website to create business opportunities on the Internet. More web pages are developed every day, and many more people with business ideas have selected this medium to monetize them. It is at this point when the Internet begins to generate and gain value that those who invest pay more attention to the details.

It is not that professional and functional web pages were not designed before, but today we are more aware of the importance of these aspects of the process. A web page is set up by “anyone,” but a website that identities.

Branding, expressing business ideas, and converting a potential market into regular customers, is an art that is only dominated by the best.

There is a whole process that, indeed, you have gone through if you have

already set up a web page. You may read us, who designs, or you, who entrusts the project to a designer, but we can all agree that the process of designing and developing a website has been re*ned and, by following it faithfully, it bears excellent results.

I always like to highlight the role of each participant in a project of this type, as the tasks become increasingly complex and much more commitment is required. Today, those who design must not only know HTML and CSS; instead, you must understand that a web project seeks to satisfy expectations at a commercial and marketing level. On the other hand, whoever hires the creation of a web page must understand that it is not a job left in the hands of a web designer, but that there is a very close relationship so that the web looks and works is waiting.

Let us now go through the design and development of any web page, which must be faithfully followed for the project to go ahead. My advice to everyone involved is that they understand that it is a process that seeks a return on investment and business success, so there must be a lot of commitment to what is done.

Start of the web process: First contacts

The aforementioned serves as a preamble to this part of the process, and is that, since you are the one who hires the designer, you must take into account what your expectations are with the project. After you’ve set your expectations, you can start contacting web design studios, agencies, or web designers.

• Why not before? Easy; If you don’t know what you want, you don’t know

what to look for in a web designer or programmer. Remember that you

must review the background of work and the experience of who you are

going to hire for the design of your website; there must be a relationship

with the job, you want to do.

If you are a web designer or developer, making yourself attractive to those who hire these services; is key to selection. In a first contact, you must be receptive to ideas, capable of developing the project, but above all, you must make it clear that you understand the project’s purpose. If this is your case, you may be very interested in knowing the keys to be a good web designer, which we gave some time ago.

Planning of future actions

Once you have found the client with the ideal web designer, it is time to get down to work. This stage of the web page creation process is perhaps the most complex since it involves transmitting ideas from one person to another.

At this point, whoever hires, the client must participate closely, and it is that, after all, it is their idea that is going to be reflected on the website. But, on the other hand, suppose there is no prior review of the market to be attacked, the expectations of potential consumers, and the unique value proposition that we will offer. In that case, it isn’t easy to create a web page as a strategy and action that will lead to business improvement.

That is why there had to have been a prior marketing study where the premises of the work with the website have been clear for the planning.

Once the aforementioned is denied, I advise you, whether you are the designer or the client: 

Define the roles and scope of the web project

It is always good to avoid misunderstandings that the functions of each of the parties are legally denied.

Remember that this is serious work with specific objectives, and, most likely, the agreements “by the word” are not as objective and transparent as the situation requires.

Define the forms of payments and guarantees.

Money is always a sensitive issue. We have already talked about how

complicated it is to sell the idea of paying just enough for a web page.

We save ourselves a lot of headaches when both parties agree on the payment strategy. But, again, it should not be a verbal agreement but a written one to avoid confusion.

Define a calendar and work process on the web.

This is vital in any project. In the phase and web development process

calendars, the estimated time is determined to anticipate and plan future


As a customer, you hope that everything is ready on the agreed dates, but you do not want to rush creating the website because you should always prefer things well done over punctual deliveries with too tight calendars.

Delivery of access to domains and other aspects

At this point, they talk about more technical aspects, and it only happens if everything else has worked. When you work according to a plan, where

payments and other activities have been agreed upon, you must request access to the server where the website is hosted. The technology you work with will depend on the type of server, but at this point, you should know all the details about it.

Suppose it is a project from scratch where you do not have a web domain. In that case, it never hurts, if you are the client, that you seriously value designing the web page in WordPress due to the multiple advantages that this technology offers. We explain along with other reasons why we prefer it. We have specialized as a WordPress web design and development company.

Web content planning

Rather than focusing exclusively on the “beautiful” design of the future

website, we should focus on the website’s content, copywriting. Hence, it is known as content marketing and the Inbound Marketing strategy.

Remember that ideas are sold with content! I will not deny that the appearance of the design is essential to attract attention. Still, it is nothing if the value proposition (content) does not adapt to the needs that your potential consumer is looking for.

Indeed the distribution of content is essential; that is where the website’s

design comes into play. At that point, I would advise you to think about how you want your story to be told; that always helps in the design and construction of your website. We will already talk about future trends in web development to give you an idea of how you should develop the content.

At this time, you should pay special attention to how you present the value proposition of your business above your competition. Remember that not everything can be text; You must ensure that the potential client captures your ideas as didactically as possible. We have already spoken many times, but the content must be of great value!

Design and development of web design

Advice to both parties of creating web pages, client and web designer; the best way to work on the web project is by the sketch/implementation technique.

At this point, you have to be careful; as we commented a while ago when we asked ourselves, “Why are there so many bad web page designs?”.

The leading cause of this error is that many designers like to work on the web page directly without a previous web sketching process. But, due to continuous changes, that is counterproductive, one of the common mistakes when evaluating how to design a page website and one of the main reasons to renew the website.

The web page is designed on “paper,” on a medium that is not the definitive one during the initial phase. Most likely, the graphic part is delivered in some image format, and that is where the real work begins, being one of the keys to achieving a successful web design.

The website’s design must go through a process of review and adjustments until you, as a client, are satisfied and thus improve the website and achieve success on the Internet for your company.

To you, designer, I strongly recommend that you do not fall into the temptation or implement any design with which the client is not completely satisfied. Only when a final design has been reached satisfies all that has been raised above, then we move on to the implementation phase. This is one of the keys to achieving a good web user experience while designing a website that communicates effectively with the target audience. In the implementation phase, the entire design of the web page is mock-up and programmed. As a customer, you should know that not everything is graphic; most likely, the functionality of your website should be in charge of a web page programmer. That is why already in the early stages of the process, where the web project and its requirements were denied, you must have defined whether the service of a web programmer is necessary for your project, at the same time as having established whether it will be your own. A web designer who will do these tasks

will be a collaborator to whom the designer delegates the development or if, on the contrary, you should be the one who looks for and contacts a web programmer.

I do not recommend that for very complicated projects requiring very advanced programming knowledge, the designer himself is in charge of these tasks; very rarely, a good web design expert is also a good web programming expert.

Implementation of web design

If everything has gone well so far, the implementation should not be

complicated since it is about building previously designed paper.

If I want to highlight something about this process, it is that it is the phase where the design “comes to life” and is applied to the entire structure of the web page.

Each page within a website must carry the corresponding design and its well-defined functionalities. That is why it will depend on the complexity, the creation of the web page, and the programming that this process of design and development of the web page is more or less quick and easy.

An experienced designer, in a simple project, should not take too long to

present a sample of the coded web page to be assembled on the Internet and reviewed by the client.

Website design review

It is vital that you, as a client, once they show you the result, all the pages with the content and make sure that everything links accordingly. Of course, you will have to repeat this same website creation process several times for each website section, but you must take the time and rule out problems.

Once everything is ready and reviewed to the last detail, the web page is

uploaded to the Internet, and a final complete review must be carried out.

Review of the website on the Internet 

Each browser displays your web page differently and is governed by specific rules. Although most browsers abide by ordinary standards, some details escape and differ from one another.

Both parties involved must review the website in the different browsers to see if the result is the same. If these reviews were not done, we would risk that something fails and negatively impact the user’s experience of the website and their perception of the business.

It is time to review all the links, buttons, typography, and everything

susceptible to changes from one browser to another. Only after having checked everything “with a magnifying glass” can it be said that the project has concluded.

Post-launch actions and web verification 

As in any project, a formal delivery of the result is made and received according to who hires it. It is imperative, especially if it is your development. If WordPress or some other web content manager is not used, the technical documentation of the operation of the web page will be given. Within the agreements for the project’s development, this training stage on the internal functioning must be included since the client will have to manage their website in one way or another. 

Are you thinking of hiring a website developer? 

As you have seen, designing a web page is a long and, if you like, complex process, but we must follow it if we hope to obtain results from that project and investment made. Suppose you skip any of these stages of the process. In that case, it can end up being a disaster, especially if the website is not verified or the commitment agreements are not signed especially those related to the characteristics of the future website, delivery times, price, and scope. Of the project.

Please explain your idea to us and let’s start something great!

We will work together to achieve a web page made with love, true to your

business, that reflects your personality, safe, fast, and very well positioned in Google and other search engines. Put, a website that gives you results!

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